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My favourite opening song is ...
8% [ 2 ]
0% [ 0 ]
She Is My Sin
19% [ 5 ]
Bless The Child
19% [ 5 ]
Dark Chest Of Wonders
19% [ 5 ]
The Poet And The Pendulum
38% [ 10 ]
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#1 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
One of the reason why I like Nightwish albums so much - from the first sounds of the album there is a very powerful and catchy music, which will surely thrill and make you hear the whole album Smile So, what is your favourite first song in Nightwish albums?

My favourites are 2,3,5,6, but the choice is number 3, She Is My Sin.
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#2 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
Elvenpath, because that song "made me into" Nightwish )))

I first heard "ONCE" and didnt like it ) And then, it was AFF album that completely took my heart Smile
#3 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
Oh, here it's very easy to make a choice for me - undoubtedly, The Poet And The Pendulum! It's the best song Tuomas ever written before!!!
#4 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
The Poet And The Pendulum is the best intro, I think.
Because White lands of Empathica+Home are fantastic parts and sounds good as intro..
#5 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
Dark Chest Of Wonders. Quick, explosive and dynamic song. ideal for the beginning of the concert.
#6 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
ya, I also think that Dark chest of wonders is one of the best songs for the opening of the concert. Smile To my mind long epic songs like TPATP are better for the middle or the ending of the show... well, NW are so great on stage that it doesn't really matter for me which song is the first or the last one Smile
#7 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
Hmm... I think, it's songs 1, 4 and 6.
I guess, Elvenpath is a really nice introduction to the world of Nightwish full of little miracles, escapistic dreams and feelings. Smile
Bless The Child, to my mind is a great opening song to the moody, dark, and epic album like Century Child. This song just gives the main idea of the concept of CC and prepares us to the story we're gonna hear next.
The Poet And The Pendulum... I always thought this song was a masterpiece. While listening to this song I'm embraced by such a sea of emotions I rarely able to feel. I can't help but being amazed by Tuomas's ability to turn his feelings, dreams, happyness and sorrow into something so incredible... So, here's my choise.
#8 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
The Poet And The Pendulum, 'cause it's pretty weird for a 14 minute track to open an LP.
still cool though Smile
#9 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
I like Dark Chest of Wonders because of its quickness and dynamic. Even if you listen to NW at first, you'll understand NW through Dark Chest. The Poet and the Pendulum is a great song but it is too long, too thoughtful and too private to be an opener. Hardly to perceive it in the beginning, really.
#10 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
DCOW is best song as opener, cause it reveals the essence of Once. It's full of adventure and mystery spirit like the whole album
Bless the child is also goon in this role, because dead boy tells the essence of album

But the Poet is the best song between these all...
#11 Ссылка на пост Добавлено:
I have voted for Bless the Child. It is this very song that made my first acquaintance with the works of the band. I loved it the very first minutes I heard it, and then I felt that I found something I wanted to find. Such moments are always very exciting. This song has a wonderful aura and something very dear for me. In general all the openers are fine of course, but The Poet is full of hard emotions, so I don’t listen it very often.
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