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So, the new album will come no earlier than fall 2011, so there is enough time to discuss expectations about it. How do you see it, do you expect new themes, new sounds, or do you believe that overall mood and theme of the album will be the same as in the previous ones?
Here are some quotes about the upcoming album from Tuomas, Anette, and Troy Donockley.
Tuomas Holopainen писал(а):
First of all, when it comes to music and Nightwish I have a huge dream and we are doing everything we can to fulfill it on the next album. I am going to be a bit mystical here because I can't reveal to you anymore, but there is going to be a big twist so to say on the next album. I just hope we can realize that because it is going to be the all time dream come true if we can pull it off. It is going to take alot of time, effort, work, and money. We will see what happens, I am really looking forward to it.

Troy Donockley писал(а):
Oh yes, I WILL be playing on the next album and from what Tuomas has told me, it is going to be something extraordinary...

Anette Olzon писал(а):
The plans are rough and it might be changed but as for now:
- Tuomas has 9 songs ready already;=)
- We all will meet this summer for rehearsals and arranging the songs and getting a demo ready.
- We enter the studio next fall and the album will be released EARLIEST in the fall 2011.
So, great news and we are all excited!
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Arous, thanks to you for these efforts to raise this part! Smile I hope and believe its never in vain Wink

But I really dont know how it will be... I can't make any guesses.
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Quasar, but why?
For Example, there wouldn't be such songs as Bye Bye Beautiful Заткнулся
and the album will be so...grand, because five-year break - this is enough to do this Smile
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For Example, there wouldn't be such songs as Bye Bye Beautiful

^^ !!
Captain Obvious finally reaches the English part of forum Very Happy

I dunno how band's past will show itself on the album, I don't know what Tuomas thinks and feels and is interested in... So... Useless to guess. Let this be a surprise Very Happy
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Quasar писал(а):
I dunno how band's past will show itself on the album

I think the band's past is already in the past, so to say. They've already went through the hardest and most dangerous times, and did it well. They've found the singer they needed and established the good relationship with this girl, and she herself went through some serious times and survived and got what it is to be a Nightwish singer. The boys learned a hell of new things about being in a band with the strong and frankly\plainly\loudly\etc speaking girl, this loud girl learned to be surrounded by the silent and moody Finns, and etc etc etc.
Nowadays future of this band is like a clear page of a new songbook, where the band itself is this songbook. It has hard colourful and scenic cover, its sheets are held together in a most solid way, and they're ready to be filled with purest emotions and the most genuine music.

I never liked to guess or to expect anything from Nightwish albums. I only know that Tuomas being inspired by Walt Whitman can create another perfect piece of music, just like he did all the previous times with another inspirations Smile. And what I always admired the most about him as a songwriter is his ability to put his everything into his works. All the lifechanges, all the little aspects and his gradual growing up from a modest and dreamy county-side boy into an adult man with plain and clear picture of what he want to do with his music and with his life.. all of these things are reflected in NW music. And it will never cease to amaze me how a life can be an inspiration itself and what a result one can get from mixing a sympathetic and susceptive boy and musical talent. That amaze is not the thing I expect from next NW album. It is the thing I wait impatiently and just want it to happen as soon as it's possible Smile

sounds fan-girly, but that is who I am Very Happy
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