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As I see this is the common section for all topics in English, so let me create the topic about this great band.

EPICA was founded in 2002 by Mark Jansen, a guitarist that has just left another Dutch band After Forever. It was founded under the name "Sahara Dust" and released a demo under such a name. Then, in 2003 under the name of EPICA, they released their debut album : "The Phantom Agony". It was a maaaajor success. Smile To say short, not many bands release a DVD after only 1 album, but Epica did.)) I think the big thank goes to Simone Simons, her outstanding appearance and attractiveness made the band very popular ^^. But not to forget about music! It was awesome and really a little breakthrough. The topics of lyrics were... serious (read them and comments... kekeke Very Happy ), as they were going to be in the future albums, too.

So, Epica in my opinion is the great band, with the most "wide" lyrics i've ever seen... i mean, these lyrics last from whole world and universe, to the very depths of our mind (well... sometimes there's something very unpleasant inside.. =\). To mention my heavy favorite song, its undoubtedly "MOTHER OF LIGHT" from a 2005's album. From other songs, i like "Feint" (especially middle part, about "this black page in history..." *closes eyes and sings* Rolleyes#2 ), "Blank Infinity" and i'd say half from songs from latest album "design Your Universe" ^^

That's it. I hope I'm not only one here who likes them. What do you think of them, and what album/songs you like the most?)

Band info:
* Simone Simons – mezzo-soprano vocals
* Mark Jansen – rhythm guitar, grunts, screams
* Isaac Delahaye – lead guitar
* Yves Huts – bass guitar
* Coen Janssen – synthesizer, piano
* Ariën van Weesenbeek – drums, grunts, spoken words

* 2003: The Phantom Agony
* 2005: Consign to Oblivion
* 2007: The Divine Conspiracy
* 2009: Design Your Universe

Official site www.epica.nl
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I hate this band! .... no, really! Shy

music - hhmmm..
lyrics - ...bbrrrrr
vocal - .. Заткнулся

anyway - cool band. )))
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Ok, Epica....
Lyrics of this band changes my life sometimes makes me think....
Think about life, about problems etc.

Musically this band is fantastic, Imho. yes, sometimes they are so...em.... "Epic" Very Happy (too much symphonic elements Razz without any rhythm and vocal melody (The Divine Conspiracy is "The Best" Sad )....) but sometimes their music is soooooo powerful and beautiful.....

fav songs:
The Phantom Agony (edit)
Cry For The Moon
Solitary Ground
The Obsessive Devotion
Menace Of Vanity
Chasing The Dragon
the whole Design Your Universe album Rolleyes#2
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I mean, she is so cute ^_^
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I like their last promo photo set the most (to the DYU album i mean). Smile
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Dead Boy, nice tits) Very Happy
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Smitten looooooooooooooooooooove this ^_^
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Etiainen писал(а):
looooooooooooooooooooove this ^_^
omg! There is.. no... there are things things that are worth of love Very Happy
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imho )) Razz

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Hey guys, I can understand everything. It is a spring in our heads. Very Happy
But ... so ... hmmm ... lets finaly discuss Epica.
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Eh... Epica... They've become sooo mainstream imo...

hehehe anyway there's not so many people in this part of forum to opposite me =)
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Hehehe, I think only reason that they're "mainstream" for, it's Simone )))))))) *in aspect that has been... emm... discussed Very Happy here all along the way* In other aspects they make very good and sincere music, i don't think their growth of popularity costed them the quality of music. It's just the opposite - they made music less mainstream (as they made it 100500 times heavier than on "Consign to Oblivion").

Although I more like 2003 and 2005's albums, they're still able to write songs that give me shivers (like "Deconstruct" and "Design your Universe").

Music Band
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Epica is harder than NW and I cannot listen to these bands both. It's a good band, but each song is not as a masterpiece Like MW's songs.
The last album is the best, there is my favorite Unleashed) Epica is good for that type of mood, when you want to *колбаситься* with hard, melodic metal)))
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ZOMG, what the people i see in this section! Helga Kristensen, salut! Very Happy

BTW, I like simone's VOCALS the most at the first album... I think there it sounds unique. I think that further, Simone had been working on her voice to make it more "correct" but it killed some seed of uniqueness in it. =(
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I like this band. But I started listening them 6 or 7 years ago , so I am fan of their old sound. And I can listen their old albums on a loop every day. But new one dissappointed me a little.
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I love this band,I love Simone Simons and I like their music, if me ask that I like more: Nightwish or Epica, I could not make the choice , because these groups are very good and choose between them is very difficult to.
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hi there, people!

I just want to make sure if the last album of Epica is the best one?
I didn't use to be a great fan of such music, but my love for Nightwish craves to expand some borders. So I'd really love to get some Smile
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E*Naught писал(а):
I just want to make sure if the last album of Epica is the best one?

Yeah... last one... if you count from the end Very Happy

seriously, Mark is a very good composer, and his skill in it didn't become any worse through time (because all albums have practically equal amount of "killing" songs), but simone T_____t IMHO she was good only on 2003's album (The Phantom Agony). Sad

So if you can't decide what album to listen to, I'd recommend The Phantom Agony.
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