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Special for nightwish.com.ru

Hey, Floor! Thank you for agreeing to answer the questions from Russian fans, You are very popular here in Russia and we are looking forward to your next visit.

You have recently moved from Holland to Finland, Tell please what are your impressions about the country? Is it easy to adapt to a new language, mentality and a new cuisine?
Floor: I like Finland a lot! It’s a beautiful country with friendly people and an amazing nature that’s all around. I’m not a big city person and with all the traveling I do it’s great to come home to a calm place. That’s what I found in Finland. The language is high on the top 5 of most difficult languages in the world and I can tell you: it’s hard! But also a great challenge and healthy brain therapy  The food is different but there are many similarities to the Dutch food.

You know, the Voice show has a great success in many countries. Tell, please, what is your attitude to these shows. Do you like the main concept of this type of competitions or you do you think that a true-musician must start in small stages, and after then to perform on TV? Could you participate?
Floor: I think the word musician and the Voice should not be mentioned in one sentence. It’s entertainment without the soul of music. Singing without a clue of music industry or what it’s like to be a musician full time in the REAL world. So no, I don’t like it. It’s a false reflection of the truth. Of course there are good singers that get a bigger chance to show the world what they’ve got. But they have no clue how to stay a singer in the real world. They will be used and exploited until the next talent walks in.

Tell me, in your opinion, is there an age limit for the musicians? Or do you think that it is possible to go on stage both in 16 and in 86?
Floor: Music is borderless, ageless and has such power that, if done well, everyone is able to perform it!

Last year you came to Russia with concerts. Tell me, what impressions do
you have? Is there anything that is particularly memorable?
Floor: I love it but it was a very double experience. The Russian fans were a big and welcome surprise! So warm and enthusiastic!!! The country is beautiful!!! But the organization was done so bad: we had a hard time to get the shows done, to eat, to travel. We even got kicked out of the venue when they opened for a disco…
So I can’t wait to go back and have a 100% positive experience! The fans those nights proved that they were so awesome I have to !

In After Forever and Revamp we see you on a heavy side, and it's cool, but have you got an idea to release an album with light, lyrical compositions, such as it makes Liv Kristine in her own solo-albums?
Floor: I have never heard this but no, not really.

There are a lot of fans of your previous band After Forever. Tell, do you contact your ex-band members? Can we expect a reunion some day or it is a uniquely inverted page in your creativity?
Floor: My focus and devotion lies on Nightwish for the coming years. Even ReVamp’s future is insecure because I don’t know if it will be possible to combine both bands. I would love to though! So there is absolutely no space for a relic from the past.

During the last years you gave singing lessons. Tell, how do you feel yourself in a teacher’s role? Are you a strict teacher or are you indulgent to your students?
Floor: I have been teaching over 10 years, so it’s not so new. I enjoy letting students feel how they can use their voice, when they overcome certain barriers or fears. I’m strict but fair, I can’t teach you how to sing if you don’t practice and work for it  But if you try I can help you and enjoy doing that.

You participated in the various projects. But if you are invited to play the main role in the opera, would you agree? And what role would you choose? Have you ever dreamed about a career as an opera singer, or do you "breathe" only heavy music?
Floor: During my studies to both Rockacademy as conservatory I realized I am not made for the theatre world. I wouldn’t fit into an opera setting. I never had the dream either but I love to combine worlds if possible.

What's the most extreme thing you have ever done for the deal? Well, except learning songs of Nightwish in 24 hours in the airplane?
Floor: Dedicate my entire life to music 

If you have enough time to get another profession, what would you
Floor: Being a musician is not doing a job. You ARE a musician. So I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have hobbies and other interests but they could never be my ‘profession’. I have always loved horses and horseback riding and even tried to make my profession out of this before realizing music is not a choice but a calling  If anything it would be in that direction, but again. I am a musician and feel very happy and blessed I can be this fulltime!

What are your feelings about the new album recording sessions? Are you satisfied with the material that you have recorded? Were there any tough songs for you to sing?
Floor: It was the first time in my career that I sing on an entire album for a band I call my own without having written the music. Or the lyrics. A new challenge by itself. But the way Tuomas and Marko write I had no difficulties to get into to songs and tell their story with my interpretation. I felt great, superb even while recording. It went ‘easy’, the voice just opened up and all came out automatically thanks to the well written music and many rehearsals we did before recording it. Some parts were tough, I was definitely challenged by the material in many ways 

In the beginning of this year you told that you had started learning Finnish. Did you manage to earn some progress in learning?
Floor: I started last year in September, so a little over a year now and I am making progress. But slowly because of the complexity of this language. There are no words similar to any language I know, the grammar is crazily complex and the pronunciation is very foreign to my longue. But it’s great to notice I understand more and more every day and I can speak a bit more as well. Reading becomes better and with enough patience I will learn to master this language!

In his last interview Troy answered the question about last Nightwish tour funniest moment and he told that it was in Australia when crocodile stole your pants. What can you say about the most memorable moment of the last tour?
Floor: Well it was a crazy and scary moment of course! Big animal taking off with my pants! I was furious! It’s not like he would look any better in them than me….:-)

Few days ago your backstage photo during photo shoot for Pretty Attitude appeared on facebook. Could you please tell more about this collaboration?
Floor: My friend Andrea Beckers worked with them before and they asked her if I would be interested in some of their clothing. They sent me some of their clothes and jewelry and we did a photo session for them. These pictures are just made and not yet released. It was nice to do even though the style of the outfits isn’t really mine. Their quality however is great and I think many alternative girls will love their collection!!!

Are you excited about the upcoming summer cruise shows? I saw a program and found it is really attractive and I can’t imagine how enjoyable will be to see it all live. How this idea to play concerts on board of the ship appeared?
Floor: I am not sure who’s idea it was to do this with Nightwish as well but I’ve seen many other bands doing this very successfully (like Motorhead with their Motor Boat and the Swedish band Sabaton). It’s a great way to come a bit closer to the fans and to offer a unique show. I’m looking forward to this very much!

You shared a stage with Tarja Turunen. Would you like to repeat this experience?
Floor: She’s a wonderful singer and a sweet woman. Surely I would like to do this when there is a nice concert.

And in the end, could you tell a few words your Russian fans?
Floor: All I ever hear from other bands who toured Russia is that it’s absolutely wonderful! I noticed it myself while coming over for the two shows I did. I wish I would have come earlier in my career and can’t wait to come over with Nighwish. I want to thank everyone for believing in me even when I didn’t come over to Russia for shows and for supporting me throughout the years! I hope you will enjoy what I bring into Nightwish and that we’ll have some magical nights in the near future together!!! Spaziba!!!
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