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Hi all!

I am managed to talk with Troy via email and he agreed to give exclusive interview about last tour, his personal life, upcoming album and so on Smile I feel that I should share it with you 'cause it really interesting materials and it shows Troy's personality in very different way. Enough for words, here it is.

1. Are you a typical Englishman with all these five-o-clock traditions and talks about weather? What kind of tea do you prefer? Is it true that every Englishmen likes tea more than coffee? Did you watched Doctor Who?

Ooooh no, I am not typical at all. I have never drank tea or coffee in my whole life, and I hate football with a passion. I do like talking about the weather though. We British have quite a lot of it. And Doctor Who? I used to love it when I was a kid, but not the modern slick CGI version. I used to like it when they had no money - the monsters and aliens were just guys painted green, covered in egg boxes.

2. Do you have a pet?

Yes, I have a pet wasp called Linda. She gets drunk quite a lot on rotten fruit, but she's alright if you don't annoy her.

3. What kind of music were you listening while growing up?

I had a very musical childhood with a musician dad who was a serious collector of vinyl records of all styles - Country, bluegrass, folk, Rock, Classical. He introduced me to Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Mozart & PInk Floyd among many others.

4. Do you attended university?

When I left school I went to a College of Art & Design in the far north of England. I quickly realised that the only reason I was there was to try to join a band so I soon left.

5. What songs do you sing while taking a shower?

Its either "A Wandering Minstrel I" from Gilbert & Sullivans 'The Mikado' or "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne.

6. In 2012 you finally visited Russia. What can you say about Russia and Russian people now?

I absolutely LOVED the Russian shows and the people were just wonderful. I hope we can return as part of the next European tour. The lovely fans brought us lovely presents too; including strange and mysterious liqueurs which turn you into a werewolf at 4am.

7. Almost all 2012 year you were on tour. Was this long tour exhausting in your opinion? Did you miss your family?

Its funny, but when you are out there for such a long time, living such an intense lifestyle, you do feel exhausted and start to wish it was finished. But then, you get home, and after a couple of months you experience withdrawl symptoms and can't wait to get back out there! Luckily for me, my family is wonderful and understand that it is what I have to do. I try to get them to as many shows as I can...

8. Do you demand something special for group rider?

I demand towels made of crushed blue velvet, a golden trumpet with which I can summon our tour mangaer Basty, a small inflated paddling pool stocked with Seahorses, and finally, a bag of Tortilla chips.

9. What do you like more? Beer or cider? Or maybe you prefer stronger drinks?

BEER! though I prefer 'the grape'. I am an experienced and enthusiastic red wine drinker.

10. We know that the guys from the band like to party while on tour ( End of Innocence DVD showed that clearly). Do you join them or prefer to spend your leisure time in more quiet way?

There are few things in this life more wonderful than having parties with the people you love, and new friends waiting to be discovered. So yes, I certainly do join in. Big Time.

11. While touring the world I am sure that you experienced a lot of adventures. Can you tell us the most funniest story?

When in Paris I was secretly allowed to control the Confetti Cannon. During 'Ghost Love Score' Teemu, our Cannon expert, sneaked me down to the front of the stage where I blasted the confetti into the audience. It was the look on Emppu's face when he saw that it was me that was the killer. He handed me a beer.
But I think the funniest was in Australia when a Crocodile stole Floors leather Pants.

12. Did you hang out with musicians from other metal bands?

Absolutely. Thats another great part of touring. Statovarious, Pain, Battle Beast, Kamelot...wonderful times...

13. While travelling by tour bus do you watch movies or tv shows? What are you favorite ones?

I don't travel by bus. I am given an injection and placed into a flight case with microphones. They then revive me at the venue with strong cheese.

14. What is the best place to spend your vacation?

Anywhere where there is fine wine, pasta, risotto and pizza. So yes, Thailand.

15. What was the last music that inspired you?

Its a Finnish accapella group called 'Club for Five' they have a version of Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" which is quite something. And a splendid version of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" featuring the sublime voice of my dear friend Johanna.

16. You are amazing talented multi-instrumentalist. Can we hope to hear some new exotic instruments (Chinese, Africa etc) on a new Nightwish album?

Well thank you!
The new album will obviously feature The Pipes, but there is some Cumbrian Bouzouki ( an amazing instrument) and quite a lot of harmony singing, percussion and Low Whistles of every size.

17. To that end, what are your hopes for the new album?

For me personally it is that even more people get exposure to the unique sounds of these old, mystical instruments in this new magical setting. Nightwish is not an ordinary band, and I always, even before I joined, admired its willingness to experiment. This new album travels to strange new lands, and we are all very excited by it.
But, the music and spirit is pure Nightwish...
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