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Dear friends,
Anna Murphy has agreed to give us an interview and to talk about her work with Eluveitie, her solo album, other projects, her past musical experience and plans for future.

Hello, Anna. First of all, our readers and I would like to thank you for taking your time to give us an interview.

Anna: No problem! Thank you for the opportunity and the interest.

You are a member of Eluveitie since 2006. In your opinion, how has the music, the sound of the band evolved throughout the years?

Anna: I think it has evolved quite a bit. The songwriting has become more elaborate and diverse, but still with the core and main concept lyrically and musically staying somewhat the same.

You were around seventeen when you joined the band. Were you excited or maybe scared? What did you expect from Eluveitie before you became a member of the band?

Anna: Yeah, I was 16 actually! I think I was mainly excited; there was no space for being scared, hehe. I didn’t go so far as to expect anything; I’ve always been a person that just listens to the “gut feeling”. And my gut definitely said “go for this”. And as you can see it turned out great. Especially also thanks to the huge support I got from my parents.

Eluveitie has an acoustic album “Evocation I”, which was released in 2009. Are there any plans to make part two in the near future?

Anna: Yes! I don’t know about the near future part though Wink We’re always talking about it and collecting ideas, but so far nothing has happened musically. I’d be up for it!

How did the band get an idea to record “The Call of the Mountains” in five languages? And why exactly this song? Which version do you personally like most?

Anna: That was Chrigel’s idea. I think. We just thought it could be cool, since Switzerland has 4 national languages. My personal favourite is the Romansh version.

The band has already been twice in Russia. Is there anything that you’ve come to expect when going on tour there?

Anna: Really awesome fans! They even bring us presents when we come there, which was something very new for us. The hospitality in Russia is great!

In year 2013 some changes happened within the band: Meri Tadić decided to leave. Has Nicole Ansperger already blended with the band? Does she feel comfortable?

Anna: Yes, I think she fits into the band well and even though the touring life is fairly new to her, she’s getting the hang of it really fast and seems to like it a lot like the rest of us do.

Do you still stay in contact with Meri? Are there any plans for godnr.universe! project?

Anna: Yes, we’re still in touch and still good friends. We really want to do something with godnr.universe! and we hope we’ll have time to do that soon. Right now we both have other things to focus on, but nothing is running away from us, so there will definitely be an album at some point…

The band Fräkmündt (in which you also participate) has released a new album called "Landlieder & Frömdländler" on September 26th. Could you share your impressions about the album?

Anna: It’s my personal favourite so far. I was very involved and did lots of songwriting and also produced and mixed the album. There was a huge line-up change, since Chregu left us and since he wrote most of the music that changed quite a lot. But I still think it’s very authentic and describes us very well.

You released your debut solo album “Cellar Darling” in 2013. When did you decide to make a solo project? And what inspired you to create “Cellar Darling”?

Anna: I had been writing my own songs long before the idea was created. For about three years I was just randomly writing stuff without knowing which purpose it’s going to serve. And then about a year before “Cellar Darling” was released, I decided to collect all my songs, write a couple more, and just get it all out. Inspirations spring from everywhere, especially the rather “dark” places my mind goes. I’m not inspired by happiness, so a lot of songs mirror bad things I’ve experienced, either with health, love, friendship or dreams.

The music style of your solo project is quite different from what we can hear in Eluveitie. Did you want to make something different from the very beginning, or was the style formed during the work on the album?

Anna: That just happened naturally, because I’m not a metal musician. I play folk instruments, piano and some bass… so if I write songs I just use the tools I have within me already :-)

You were on tour with Anneke van Giersbergen with your solo project. How did you like the experience?

Anna: It was one of the best I’ve ever had! It was a great honour that she wanted to tour with me and I learned so much on that tour. It was hard being in the center in the spotlight, which I wasn’t so used to from Eluveitie. But then after a couple of days I just thought it was awesome that so many people are enjoying the music which is just purely me and nothing else. It was nice, I’ll always remember it.

Do you plan releasing another solo album or is it a onetime experiment?

Anna: Definitely! I’m already thinking about how the next one is going to sound; it might be very different from “Cellar Darling” :-)

Do you already have any ideas about your future album? Could you tell us something about it?

Anna: I always have different ideas floating around in my head. There definitely won’t be as many “band songs” with a regular bass-guitar-drum lineup. I want to make it a bit more special, more atmospheric and definitely more hurdy-gurdy parts.

When did you decide to play hurdy-gurdy? Why did you want to play on this particular instrument?

Anna: When I was 16. I saw the band “Faun” from Germany live and immediately fell in love with the instrument. I then started renting one to see if it’s really an instrument for me… and yes, apparently it was!

Did you always want to be a musician, or maybe you had (or still have) some other plans for your future?

Anna: Actually I didn’t at all. When I was in school I had plans to go study and didn’t want to do music at all, and then things just rapidly changed. It seems that it was just within me, since my parents are both musicians.

What is a must-have for you while being on tour?

Anna: Laptop, e-cigarette, whisky, books, and fresh underwear might also be a good idea.

What is the funniest situation that happened to you during any of tours?

Anna: I once went on stage in pink slippers, because I forgot to take them off and change into my regular shoes.

Have you ever wanted to sing with someone else other than your band mates? If so, who would that be?

Anna: Oooh yeah. Archive! And Saltillo.

Do you like travelling? Are there any places you really wish to visit?

Anna: Yes, I do! I really want to go to Japan again, I loved it there.

And the last one: what would you like to tell something to your Russian fans?

Anna: Thank you very much for your interest and your support! Can’t wait to come back!
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