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Dear Isa!

Thank you for giving your fans in Russia an opportunity to learn more about your life and your personality!
I’d like to offer some questions for you.

MG: Isa, your coloratura soprano really impresses a lot. Where and when did you study music and singing? How did you discover you talent of singing?

Isa: I´ve always loved singing. When I was really young I sang and played guitar in a few bands with friends and later on when I was 16 I started taking lessons and studying in a more professional way at the Conservatory in Zaragoza. For several years I also commuted to Madrid once a week to take lessons with a famous Spanish opera and zarzuela singer. She was recommended to me by a blues guitarist called Javier Vargas.

MG: Do you have any job except singing or do you fully devote yourself to music?

Isa: I wish I could only work with music but at the moment I have a full time employment.

MG: How did you become a vocalist of Therion?

Isa: By coincidence I met Christian Vidal on a plane to Stockholm from Madrid. We talked about music and started hanging out. He also became my guitar teacher and in one of those classes I helped him with some vocals to a Therion demo song he was working on. Because of that the others could hear my voice and later on, Christofer called me for an audition.

MG: What are your impressions about being a part of such a famous band as Therion and working with so many people within it? Was it easy for you to get along and to adapt?

Isa: It is amazing to work with such great musicians and it is a great experience. It was really easy to adapt to the band because I like the music and they are really easy-going people.

MG: As we all know, Therion is a band that developed itself during its existence combining in its music different genres of metal – from death metal to symphonic and progressive. What are your favourite Therion albums and songs? What period of Therion’s music is closer to you?

Isa: I like most of the songs they have so it’s really hard to choose but I prefer their albums that are more symphonic and progressive. For example I like Secret of the Runes, Theli and Gothic Kabbalah a lot.

MG: Not long ago you took part in the cruise festival ‘70000 Tons of Metal’ as a vocalist of Therion. Share please some of your impressions.

Isa: It was an amazing experience. There are no words to describe how you feel doing what you like with one of the bands you like. Both shows at the 70000 Tons of Metal were great. Fans of the band sang the songs and enjoyed the shows. People who discovered the band at the first show liked it and came to our second show. It was really nice to meet them and see that they were enjoying it while we were playing.

MG: Isa, would you like to record a duet with any metal band or solo musician? Whom would you choose for that if you had a chance?

Isa: It´s difficult to say but for example I would like to work with someone who creates film music, collaborate in one of the projects of Arjen Lucassen that could be really interesting, or to sing a duet with Damian Wilson (Threshold) or with the Spanish singer, Leo Jiménez.

MG: I’ve heard that Therion’s composing a metal opera. Will you take part in studio recording of vocals for it or will you remain only a concert vocalist?

Isa: At the moment I will remain as a live singer. Of course I would love to record with Therion but that is really up to Christofer and what musicians he needs for this work.

MG: Isa, your name became famous all over the world when you were announced as a new vocalist of Therion. But have you participated in any other musical bands or projects? Can you name them and tell some words about this part of your life?

Isa: I’ve worked and collaborated in opera and zarzuela (Spanish operetta) projects and many projects in different music styles (Ambient, Gothic/ Doom…) but mostly in not known metal band. I also sang in a New Age band called Helua, in an extreme metal band called Rex Devs, as well as singing in a Swedish progressive metal band called Arcane Reality.

MG: I’ve learnt that you’ve been a vocalist of the Spanish band ‘Rex Devs’. The band’s style is often characterized as ‘melodic black metal’. Do you agree with such determination? What kind of music did you use to play?

Isa: Not really… It’s a spiritual extreme metal band. The music was conceptual and the three albums recorded is a trilogy that talks about the universe and the astrological signs, the Greek goods and the human being. The lyrics are not satanical like in black metal bands but some people who listened to us for the first time might hear a resemblance to Cradle of Filth. Even though we are nothing like them and our style comes from many influences.

MG: There is a popular point of view now that metal (as a style) is dying and modern bands have no possibilities to surprise listeners. What do you think about it? What’s the situation on Spanish metal scene nowadays?

Isa: Well, I don’t think metal is dying. As long as there are people who like the style, it will continue existing. There are times in which one style of metal is really popular and some years later ends to be popular…some of those bands disappears or fight to stay in the scene. Others are able to transform their style and adapt to the new times.

I don’t really know how the metal scene is in Spain because it’s been a while since I moved but in general, the metal scene is not that big. For an unknown band is hard to get support, find good gigs and become bigger. Despite of it there are some great Spanish bands that have become big such as Diabulus in Musica.

MG: Can you advise to the listeners some of not well known, but talented (to your mind) Spanish bands that are worth listening?

Isa: I recently discovered two bands that I’ve never heard before. They are from Barcelona and they are called Moonloop and Northland. I like how they sound and I recommend them.

MG: How do you feel about crowdfunding as a source of the musical projects financing? Some musicians support this idea and some say it’s kind of dishonest and dishonorable to attract money that way. And what’s your point of view?

Isa: I think it is a great thing. They are people with great ideas that can’t go forward with them because of the money and it’s nice to attract people to collaborate in doing it. It is getting more and more common to finance creative projects in this way and I guess it is mostly positive that the possibility is there.

MG: How do you prefer to spend your leisure time? Do you have any hobbies?

Isa: Hanging out with friends, running, reading, singing and writing. Well I’m quite handy and I enjoy creating, renovating and painting things. I do some jewelry and I also like to take care of my garden.

MG: How do you take care of your voice? Do you practice a lot to keep it in a good condition?

Isa: I don’t really take care of it in a special way…I don’t smoke, I don’t drink really much and I try to be careful with air condition and temperature changes to don’t get a cold. I use to do some daily exercises and sing as often as I can.

MG: What’s the last book you’ve read?

Isa: The last one I read was Peter Pan Must Die by John Verdon.

MG: Who are your favourite voices in metal and on the whole?

Isa: I like the voices from Kiri Te Kanawa (opera), Jonas Kaufmann (opera), Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Thomas Vikström (Therion), Damian Wilson (Threshold), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Ronnie James Dio, Doro Pesch, Ozzy, Rob Halford… It´s impossible to name them all.

MG: As a musician you have to travel a lot? What places in the world have impressed you most? What cities perhaps?

Isa: Actually I haven’t travelled that much with Therion yet but ask me in a few years’ time and I will tell you.

MG: How do you see Isa Garcia Navas after 10-15 years? =) Are you going to continue creating music or would you like to concentrate on your family?

Isa: Of course, I will continue creating music if I can. Music is something I can’t live without so hopefully I will still be involved in music then.

MG: Isa, as I know you live in Spain. Please, name some reasons why people from all over the world should visit your home land?

Isa: Actually I’m living in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2008 and yes, I know that many people want to visit Spain. People here in Sweden frequently ask me why I moved to Sweden when I was living in a beautiful and sunny land…hahaha Spain has many different landscapes and many historical monuments to visit as well as really good traditional dishes.

MG: Have you ever been in Russia? If so, tell a few words about your impressions. What’s the wildest stereotype you’ve heard of Russia and Russian people?

Isa: No, I’ve never been in Russia. I would like to visit Russia but that moment hasn’t come yet… maybe soon.
Well, I’ve heard that Russian people are really good at drinking vodka Wink

MG: And the last question is… could you say a few words to your Russian fans?

Isa: Thank you for your interest and your support! Let’s keep in touch through my Facebook Official Page (Isa Garcia Navas) and my Twitter (@IsaGarciaNavas) . All the best and hope to meet you all in the next shows with the band!!

Thank you for answering and wish you good luck and great success!

Thanks!! Smile

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