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1. How would you spend your perfect weekend? Maybe biking, laying on the couch or gathering in the pub with friends?
Arjen: I don’t have weekends. Really, I mostly don’t even know what day it is! My perfect day is working on my computer, having a jog, being creative in my studio, and in the evening watch a nice TV series. I’m totally anti-social, I don’t meet friends and I never go out.

2. Do you have a dream to make a trip to a place you haven’t been yet? Maybe the outer space?
Arjen: I am a complete recluse and I don’t like traveling. Not even into outer space! Well, maybe if one day they’ll invent a transporter Smile

3. Like a true Dutchman, for short distances do you prefer a bike or a car?
Arjen: I prefer to walk! Or maybe a bike if I’m in a hurry. I would never use the car for a short distance, for anything less than 10 km.

4. Talking about space, how do you imagine aliens (they definitely exist!)? Classical The Greys or completely ephemeral creatures?
Arjen: I know this is the last answer you would expect from me... but I don’t really think there are aliens! At least not in our time-frame or within a reachable distance. The universe (or maybe the multiverse) is just too damn infinite. But any aliens that have existed or will exist will probably be quite different from us, adjusting to their planet and atmosphere. I love to fantasize about it though! And then put it to music, he he...

5. You're likely to love science fiction, what fantasy world do you like the most?
Arjen: The fantasy bubble I’ve created around myself is just perfect, I wouldn’t want it any other way! Really, I don’t live in this world. Maybe I am the alien here.

6. How well do you know the Star Wars universe? Small quiz. Empire or Rebels? Wookiees or Kaminoans? Jedi or Sith?
Arjen: I’m much more of a Star Trek fan myself. I love treks way more than wars! In Star Trek I prefer Picard to Kirk, and I like the original series as much as the next generation Smile

7. Describe your favorite city in the Netherlands briefly, whether it be native Hague or the capital - Amsterdam.
Arjen: I don’t like cities at all, I prefer quite villages with just a few people. Any small village will do, as long as there are no traffic lights.

8. What did you dream to become in your childhood?
Arjen: Oh, always a musician! Ever since I heard and saw the Beatles in the 60’s. The glam rock era in the early 70’s with Alice Cooper and David Bowie made me dream of being a rock star, and hearing Blackmore and Pink Floyd made me dream of becoming a musician.

9. If you had a choice to know one dead language, what would you choose? Latin, Old Norse or Gaelic?
Arjen: Haha, funny questions! Very original Smile My brother (yes... the infamous Gjalt) is a teacher of Latin and Greek. Myself, I’m totally too lazy and one-track minded to learn anything or be interested in anything but music Smile

10. What would you like to be able - to rewind life back or put it on pause?
Arjen: I’m quite happy with the way time elapses and I don’t mind getting older at all and eventually dying. So neither of those options.

11. The first (!) Era and place, where would you go to a time machine?
Arjen: I would be tempted to go to the future to see how things will eveolve, but I would rather not know anything and just keep on guessing. And then write concept albums about it Smile

12. Do you have pets?
Arjen: Yes, our lovely doggie Hoshi, she is the best! I’ve always been a cat person, but she made me change my mind.

13. Album The Gentle Storm 'The Diary' turned out just stunningly gorgeous, for the author of the questions it and 01011001 stands on the shelf of favorite albums.
Arjen: Glad you enjoy it so much, thanks for the compliment!

Does such a powerful product mean that in your head there’re still a lot of ideas, and there will be more and more awesome music by your authorship?
Arjen: Unfortunately my head is always completely empty after such a big album, I’ve put everything of myself in this for over a year. I will have to be patient now and wait for my creativity to return. I can’t wait to dive into anew project though. But I never plan ahead, my inspiration will automatically guide me into the next project. At least, I hope so!
Many thanks! Will be looking forward to your answer Smile

Arjen: You’re welcome, hope it’s okay! My answers are probably very boring, I’m such a totally uninteresting recluse Smile

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