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My favourite Nightwish album is ...
Angels Fall First
9% [ 4 ]
13% [ 6 ]
17% [ 8 ]
Century Child
17% [ 8 ]
21% [ 10 ]
Dark Passion Play
27% [ 13 ]
Всего голосов: 49
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Okay, time to find out your favourite album, in English section of our forum. As for me - the last one is the answer.
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kekeke... its so hard to choose now...
I'd say i dont have a fave album, it's only the matter of songs. For example my heavy favorite by now is Swanheart...

I'd say Century Child because of its "wholeness" and that it's a concept album...
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Oceanborn rules! Excellent combination of power and melody ^^
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I can't choose just one, I like them all - some more, some less, depending on my mood at the particular moment. But here I will vote for the first album 'Angels fall first'. Why? Well, probably because it fits my mood right now)))
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Dark Passion Play....
I have a few not so much "love" of Nightwish as before, because I've heard too much fantastic bands, ans "the oldest" are forgotten Sad
But still I like to listen this album, not others
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My favourite album is Once, it is full of great power. Unfortrunately the "White Night Fantasy" song I heard only a couple of years ago and it become one of the most favourite songs for me...
And, of course, "Ghost Love Score" is without a rival Smile
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I can't choose just one, bur I think it's Dark Passion Play! It's really excellent and great sound. And, of course, Anette's voice is very beautiful at it!
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Niklauster писал(а):
Unfortrunately the "White Night Fantasy" song I heard only a couple of years ago and it become one of the most favourite songs for me...
Yeah! IMO White Night Fantasy is one of the best NW songs ever!
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It's a really tough choice for me Rolleyes#2 I like most songs from all albums, some of them have more favorities than others - like it is with Century Child, Angels Fall First+Demo..maybe Wishmaster.. But some of them have songs most beloved and dear for me)) Once for example with its Kuolema, GLS, Creek Mary's Blood and Dark Chest featuring Anette *tries to remember the last time of listening NW* Very Happy
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impossible for me to choose, as always Smile love all of them... actually it depends on mood... well, I think today I'll choose Once Smile
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Pretty hard to choose. Every NW album has its own charm and something special.
But if we're gonna talk about lyrics of the albums, Dark Passion Play is the closest to me. That's the album I'm able to listen to countless times.
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I always answer this question differently. Smile Some months ago it was Oceanborn because of its power, strength, lyrical mood an the scent of fairytale... I fall asleep wen I listen to it and that's the best dream I ever seen. Smile But my first album was Once and I have observed that its songs means much more for me. So, I can't choose between colourful fairytale and dark kingdom of thoughts. Love them both!
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It's bloody hard to choose because every NW album has its own charm - different for each one - and they all are so close to me. On the one hand, I can say that my favourite album is Angels Fall First for its special romance and music that carry you to Neverland far far away...but Dark Passion Play's atmosphere - once I called it somewhere 'painfully beautiful', I don't remember where exactly, but I think these are the best words to describe it - made the greatest impression on me, it almost made my heart stop beating. Especially TPATP. I'll never forget it.
So...maybe DPP.
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My vote is for Century Child, the same as 5 years ago. It's really the line between old and new eras.
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How did I miss this forum? Well, let's make some flood here! Very Happy
I think I shall vote for "Century Child" too, because of "Ever Dream". It's my favorite song.
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In my opinion Oceanborn is their best album, because it is just a good power metal with nice keyboards and without that orchestral pathos, which is pretty disgusting. So my vote in this topic is for Oceanborn.
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My most favorite album will always be Century Child. It's just so amazingly bautiful. And I really love the concept. What makes the concept totally complete is the beginning and end of this album. It is very similar, with the voice of Sam Hardwick, and that beautiful choir. It's like the album has an intro and outro. Imaginarium is gonna have it hard to beat this classicer!
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Night_Wolf, I agree with you Smile love Century Child too, because of it's conception and mysterious beauty. This album I even have in Spinefarm edition ^^

P.S. Welcome to Russian NightCom! Wink
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Ok, but Imaginaruim won't be only an album. I think, if we wait some years it will be time to create the "My Favorite NW movie" topic Very Happy
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I am sorry for my English
My most favourite album - Once. I have heard its the first. And on this album the majority of my favourite songs. The orchestra on these records is simply magnificent. I can listen to it eternally.
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