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My favourite Nightwish album is ...
Angels Fall First
9% [ 4 ]
13% [ 6 ]
17% [ 8 ]
Century Child
17% [ 8 ]
21% [ 10 ]
Dark Passion Play
27% [ 13 ]
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Old albums are fantastic, but there's no choir and orchestra(( DPP is nice, but it's without tarja. I love all NW albums but Once is the best cause it combines all elements of music which I like))

Also I like AFF, CC and DPP)
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My favourite Nightwish's album-it is Oceanborn.There are only one unloved song- it is «Stargazers».Of course,Wishmaster is a very good album, too, but at Oceanborn have my favourite masterpiece -"Sleeping sun". It album is wonderful, magic and a very powerful. It is the first Nightwish's album,which I heard.
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Why don't you like Stargazers? o_O I feel it's like the most energizing song of them (maybe Nightquest at the same level, ok)

Maybe because of its astronomic mistakes? Very Happy
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I don't like "Stargazers", because this song does not lie in my heart.Besides, her hate all members of my family.
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