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Is Myspace useful?
what's myspace?
20% [ 9 ]
It's horrible
0% [ 0 ]
I don't think so..
12% [ 5 ]
49% [ 22 ]
Yes, totaly!!!
20% [ 9 ]
Всего голосов: 45
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I think MySpace is a social network for musicians and it's perfect for them. Smile

I've got one page in there now, it's an Edenbridge FanClub Russia:

Yet I haven't made my "own" page, probable I will soon.
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Still don't know what for people use MySpace. I have LJ - it's rather simple in using, it's popular and easy posting. But MySpace... I just sometimes look at music star profiles there and that's all.
What's the main purpose of MySpace?
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