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van, ничё се - эт чего надо обкуриццо или обпиццо чтоб этот голос был похож на Симону ? )))))

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Kash, мне поакзалось, что больше всего на неё..., и уж точно не на Сабину Эдельсбахер или Шарон ден Адель, первую из которых я вообще каждый день слушаю. Smile
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van, неа...не похоже...Симона поёт "в нос" и не так звонко как этА хз как её зовут персона ИКС )))

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Kash, Спасибо за ссылку. Smile Только я бы сказал, что это Симона звонче поёт... Surprised
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van, а вих с ним)) кто там громче звонче ))))))
главное скачал - послушал - написал мнение)))))
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Kash, в том то и дело, что ещё не докачал... Very Happy Связь рвётся (уже несколько дней проблемы и с интернетом и телефонной линией, уже 2 вечера подряд в сеть не мог выйти). А не весь файл почему-то не запускаеться. Опять пробую... Smile
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Осталось совсем чуть чуть и мы всё узнаем Smile
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Никто ещё не заходил на официальный сайт. Confused Confused Confused
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Anette Olzon Cheesy

Anette Olzon

21 June 1971

Place of residence:

Exercising, clothes, reading books and taking long walks in the wild.

None ;=)

Musical background:
I was raised in a musical family and I've been singing since childhood. My mom also forced me to play the oboe for 8 years! I toured constantly with my mom and her band in my childhood, sometimes I even sang on stage with them.

After I turned 13, I started competing in several talent shows. I joined my first real band when I was 17, it was a cover band and all the other musicians were older than me. After playing cover songs, I joined a band called Alyson Avenue, first just as a studio singer, later as their leading lady. We've released 2 albums since 2000.

At the age of 21, I played the leading role in a rock opera/musical called "Gränsland" in Helsingborg. After that I got in to the Balettakademien in Gothenburg. In addition to the already mentioned, I've been in several other bands over the years, I've sung in choirs, done studio work for various projects and I've even occasionally been a wedding singer. Recently I sang a duet with Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart-singer) on his album "Conspiracy". During my singing career I've sung nearly every kind of music that there is!

In my earlier days I took singing lessons at the Copenhagen Music Conservatorie, in Helsingör, Denmark with a private teacher. Nowadays, when its needed, I take lessons from a private teacher at the Malmö Music University.

Whatever microphone and in-ear system the NW-crew fix for me.

Idols in music:
I don't have any real "idols" nowadays, but I do look up to all musicians that are humble and do not think too much of themselves.

Idols in life:
People that are themselves, despite what other people think.

Life philosophy:
Live your life fully - love, laugh and cry with all your heart, life doesn't last forever...

Place you would like to go:
Oh, there are so many!! Lapland, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Egypt....

What makes you laugh:
Oh, many things... it's easy to make me laugh... but mainly funny tv-series like Jackass and Friends and of course Emppu and Ewo..

First record you bought:
Well the first one was, of course since I am Swedish, an ABBA album...

All time top 5 albums:
Can't name just 5...

Killing time on tour:
We'll see... But it'll most likely be reading, watching movies and playing games.

Preparation for a show:
I do my vocal warm-up and drink some green tea with honey. I always need to spend the last 10 minutes before a show on my own to focus properly, to prepare myself mentally and to relax.

Strangest experience on tour:
I do not have the kind of tour memories that the guys have since I've only done concerts in Scandinavia, but I still remember the old days with my first cover band Take Cover, when we played at a motorcycle party somewhere in the south of Sweden. They had strippers, and the crowd was screaming "Show us your boobs" etc. to me.. After the gig, when we should've collected the payment, some MC-guys started to fight with the guys in our band and we had to drive away with a full-loaded car and its attached trailer as fast as we could.. I was scared... Brr...
They also destroyed one of our big speakers by pouring beer into it...

Worst nightmare on stage:
Losing my voice, not being able to sing as good as I'd want...

Favorite Nightwish song:
All the songs from the new album "Ever Dream", "Higher than Hope".

Worst nightmare in general:
Losing my voice and that something would happen to my closest family members or to my friends.

Favorite band/musician:
There are too many!

Favorite book:
I have many favourites, but I love Paolo Coelho's books, mainly "Veronica decides to die". I also loved Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons".

Favorite drink:
Sparkling mineral water with some nice added taste, vanilla vodka and cider.

Favorite food:
Many - Chinese, sushi, Thai, Mexican...

Favorite animal:
Cats and horses.

Favorite movie:
"Titanic", "Gladiator", "Braveheart" and many more...

Favorite TV show:
I don't watch that much TV, but I love "Desperate Housewives" and "Friends"!

Dumbest question you have ever been asked:
None, there are no dumb questions.. 'cause if the person asking the question feels that she/he wants to know it, it's not a dumb question for them.
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Чё у меня одного офф.сайт ещё не открывается? Или хитрый читер Erandill, проложил путь к ссылке на профайл в обход главной странички?
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Black Knight писал(а):
Чё у меня одного офф.сайт ещё не открывается? Или хитрый читер Erandill, проложил путь к ссылке на профайл в обход главной странички?

он перегружен =)

пробуй так:

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Frasier, угу - мну тормоз Very Happy
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У меня зато открылся.... Верните Тарью!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Классный у Туо новый имидж Very Happy Особенно мне понравилась последняя фотка со шляпой - а вокалистка внешне очень даже ничего, мне нравится Smile

P.S. Чёрт в жизни бы по семплу не узнал её голос! Ну в смысле каким она говорит. Как будто два разных человека..
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А Haunter чють ли не всем святым клялся что новая певица на испанка Smile))))

Я ж говорил что это не она Very Happy

что там было по поводу "проигрыша" пари? Smile)))
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Внешность мне вообще не понравилась. Какая то она старая.
Да... Неприятно я удивлен...

У меня зато открылся.... Верните Тарью!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Действительно, до Тарьи ей очень далеко!!!
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Тарью в топку... да здравствует Анит)))))
Мне она все больше и больше нравица)))
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Нормальная внешность. И желание друга сбылось... (он грудь как у Тарьи хотел Very Happy )
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Действительно...внешность приятная...что-то в ней есть....я не разочарован...и ничего она не старая)36 лет не так уж и много)
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