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энд хир ви гоу вис транслэйшон

Gone with the Duck

Musician, passionate Disney fan and collector. Nightwish's frontman thinks you can talk about true success after you've been covered by Eläkeläiset and had your own name twist in Donald Duck. Tuomas Holopainen's Yövissy is at the peek of its career by these standards as well.

The world's most well known person from Kitee is sitting in the photography studio's coffee corner wearing his duck shirt and showing his arms. The music made by these muscular hands have made damsels in South-America cry and made the people of the land of the rising sun feel a heavy trance. But this time it's the hairs on Holopainen's own arms that are standing up.
"Lumikenttien kimallus (orig. Last Sled to Dawson) is a story which always makes me cry with the last two pages. I've read it like a hundred times but I still get cold chills just from thinking about it", Holopainen says.
The leader and songwriter of Nightwish has two overpowering passions in life: music and Disney.
"Disney was the most important thing in my life for 15 years. I learned to read with Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie were as real mates to me as the neighbour's children. Disney led me to the fantasy world I've been living in since the day I entered."

After sentimental value

Especially the escape from reality that Disney offers seems to fascinate the musician, who tells that he gets his inspiration from some other world than the one we are concretely living in.
"The world is a wonderful place and life is marvellous, but everyone of us needs their own playground. Disney is my sandbox, a source of emotions."
And since we're talking about a rock star the box is a bit bigger than a normal pile of sand surrounded by two by fours.
The croft in Kitee, as mister Holopainen puts it himself, has a mini Disneyland: a room dedicated to Disney from top to bottom including the curtains and lamps.
"I don't collect or intentionally look for expensive material but keep my eyes and ears open and buy things that evoke feelings in me", says Holopainen whose collection includes warmhearted finds.
"My mum bought from a flea store in Kitee 30 Donald Ducks from the 50's and paid 20 Finnish markkas (almost 4 euros) for them. I went afterwards to offer more money for the seller but he just said that the agreed price is the price and said that it's a fortune the magazines will get a good home. The most financially valuable Disney- things are probably Peter Ellenshaw's paintings I got on my trip to Walt Disney World."

The world of Scrooges soul

The artist wearing a woolly hat looks calmly smiling over his cup of coffee and drops a real piece of duck news.
“I’ve decided to compose a soundtrack for The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. My intention is to write an own song for each chapter. I’ve already sketched the melodies and feelings for the stories. I’ve had this project in my mind for a long time and originally I intended to finish it at the latest when I’m 60 years old, but now I’ll do my best in order to finish it within 10 years."
After talking to the man you have a feeling that Tuomas Holopainen has a special bond with Scrooge McDuck.
"I identify myself with him. I'm not miserly but I live the same way, from memories. Both Scrooge and I have experienced adventure and have the same entrepreneurial quality. And neither of our appearance tells what is on the inside", Holopainen admits.

Tuomas Holopainen's dearest Disney-treasures:
1. "These The Beauty and The Beast puppets made by a Brazilian girl were given to me in 2000 and they went right under my skin. This moving and unique fan gift also has a lot of memories from our first South-American tour."

2. "Fantasia is my favourite from Disney's full length movies. These tapes have been watched . I don't know if the movie box with lithography has any financial value, but this anniversary release from the 90's is important to me."

3. "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck autographed by Don Rosa is a book I would take with me to a deserted island. It’s complete ingenuity from the beginning to the end. It leaves me speechless."

4. "If models dream about getting into Vogue my dream was to be in Donald Duck. The record company said, okey if you pay half of the commercial yourself. I heard that one reader had cancelled their subscription after Nightwish was on the back cover."

5. "I often took part in Uncle Scrooge-magazine's competition of the month. At the age of ten I won! It was a really big thing. I still remember the feeling of getting my prize stuffed animal in the mail."

6. "Carl Barks and Don Rosa are my heroes. I got Barks' autograph when I bought Barks Treasury Book in the middle of the 90's."

7. "These magazines from the 50's are probably the most valuable Donald Ducks I have. I found them from an antiquarian bookshop in Helsinki for 150 and 200 euros."

8. "I read this interview with Pentti Hauhiala in 1987 and sent him a letter. Suprisingly Pentti called and invited me for a visit. He was a very intresting and original person. We talked about Disney-movies and he criticized especially the violence in The Fox and the Hound. I thought that's one innocent man."

9. "I got a trip to Disneyland as a gift from my mother in 1990. It was an experience near religious awakening for me. When I got home I read the themepark's year book with tears in my eyes remembering the places I saw."

10. "I'm a big fan of Christmas and snow. So every Disney-series with snow clicks. Three are beyond others: Last Sled to Dawson, You can´t guess! and Leirielämää.

*Couldn't find a translation for Leirielämää, it was the 8th of Donald Duck's 'hundred pagers' that came out in Finland starting 2005. Leirielämää was released 2007 and focused on The Junior Woodchucks. The stories were (translated from the Finnish version, don't know the original names):
- Käsikirjojen taisto (The battle of manuals); written Rodolfo Cimino, drawn Romano Scarpa
- Seuratkaa johtajaa! (Follow the leader!); written Francois Corteggiani, drawn Giorgio Cavazzano
- Aina valmiina (Always prepared); written Rudy Salvagnini, drawn Marco Mazzarello
- Ystävänpäivän taikaa (The magic of Valentine's Day); written Nino Russo, drawn Alessandro Barbucci

Deciding between these what's the toughest is hard."

11. "It was cool to play a show in Disneyland's House of Blues. We were supposed to have a gig in Orlando, at Downtown Disney, a shopping street owned by Disney. The orgenizer however cancelled the show because we didn't fit their image. The place has an Aerosmith-rollercoster and Pirates of the Caribbean-stuff, but one soft heavy band from Kitee would have been too much."

(c) Afrodite
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По исследованию финского канала Yle из финских артистов Nightwish имеют больше всего последователей в Facebook-628 502. Для сравнения приведён и список самых популярных артистов не из Финляндии-у Леди Гага 9 913 890 последователей)))в общем Найтам есть куда стремится, но Суоми покорили)))тем более таких результатов как у поп музыки у них конечно не будет, для их стиля цифра хорошая)если кому-то интересно полный список тут http://ylex.yle.fi/pop-juorut/nightwish-suomen-fb-ykkonen
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Марко переезжает в новый дом Very Happy


Marco Hietala Moves to Kuopio’s Housing Fair Area

- We’ll move in August. I’ll design the household pennant based on Tarot’s You single cover. It will show when we are at home.

This was revealed to Savon Sanomat by Marco Hietala, the bassist and vocalist of Tarot and Nightwish. Hietala is born in Tervo and went to school in Kuopio.
- I wanted to return to my roots. I’m no longer so attached to Southern Finland and I missed Finnish Lakeland. I wanted to return to the shore of Kallavesi.

Hietala refuses to tell directly which housing fair item he bought.
- I’ve heard that the mayor lives nearby. So I can do business with Petteri Paronen in front of my sauna on the shore, quips Hietala.

He also refuses to comment the price of his new home.
- I have a middle class salary. I’ll apply for a mortgage loan and then start paying it back.

Buying a new house attracted Hietala, because there is no need for redecoration any time soon.
- My fingers are all thumbs, so it’s good that the house is new and doesn’t require any redecoration.

Hietala moves to his new home with his wife and two sons.
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Небольшая статья о процессе репетиций и записи нового альбома http://www.kotikarjala.fi/roskossa.htm

В статье ничего нового в целом, пусть будет для коллекции тут)если хотите обсудить какие-то факты-переходим в Дневник Нового Альбома Wink2
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Перевод бы...
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ВаКса, уверен скоро перевод будет)но повторюсь-ничего нового)в целом там идёт этакое саммари всего того, что мы читали в Летнем Дневнике. Гугль-Транслэйтор довольно неплохо переводит эту статью и если хочется можно туда закинуть Wink2
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Metal symphony is being born at Röskö

We’ve not heard much about Nightwish lately. The masters of symphonic metal music have spent the summer by working quietly on the shore of Kitee’s Ätäskö lake at the Röskö summer camp. The new album is being born slowly but certainly.

Nightwish’s musicians Tuomas Holopainen, Emppu Vuorinen, Marco Hietala and Jukka Nevalainen have spent almost whole summer by creating their next album at the Röskö summer camp. The band’s charming singer Anette Olzon has so far stayed in her home country Sweden with her newborn baby.

Work and fun

Tuomas and Marco are ready for the interview. Tuomas sits at the table, Marco lies on a plank bed. Jukka and Emppu are outside. I hear rattle from the boat. So, what have these longhair music patrols done at the camp?
- We’ve being working with the next album for the past 8 weeks. The style will be typical for us, a terrific mish-mash, reveals Tuomas.
- We’ve practised and arranged 12 songs and that’s all we’re going to make. This time we don’t have any extra songs.
- We’ve being fishing, but we’ve also been working.
- We start at 9 o’clock in the morning, play a few hours and then have the rest of the day free.
- So, we’ve had to find something fun to do. Water-skiing has been one of our favourite acts.

Still one year

According to Tuomas, the latest album Dark Passion Play is the band’s darkest album so far. He refuses to comment the mood of the next album.
- It’s too early to talk about the mood of the new album, because we’re still in the training/demo phase. The album is going to be released in autumn next year. Recording of the symphonic orchestra and choir in London has been rescheduled to February.
- Let’s hope that the new album will be good, grunts Marco.
- I’ve made most of the material, but there’s one song from Marco, says Tuomas.
- We’ve always had a freedom to what we want. We’ve never had a pressure from outside, such as from the recording company. In that way, we’ve been lucky.

Enough space and moonlight

It’s been said that an inspiring working environment will affect to the result.
- We’ve been completely in peace. That’s why we chose this location. We wanted to be in a place where we’re not in a hurry and which has inspiring nature and enough space.
- Some of us have families and the family members need a place to sleep when they come for a visit, says Tuomas about the good sides of the place.
- And there is a nice atmosphere when you go outside after sauna watching stars and see the Moon rising behind the forest. You’ll have much more power in the next day, says poetic Marco.

(с) Niko
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Известный гонщик Формулы-1 Heikki Kovalainen выложил видеосьёмку своего катания на картах вместе с Найтами http://vimeo.com/15217141 Cheesy
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ShadowWolfSmith писал(а):
Известный гонщик Формулы-1 Heikki Kovalainen

У него в блоге в твиттере еще немного об этом событии http://twitter.com/H_Kovalainen?max_id=25430001868&page=2&twttr=true

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Вообще сей товарищ их давний фанат.
"Я люблю финскую группу NightWish. Это металл, но не очень тяжелый, и мне нравится вокал. У них недавно вышел новый альбом, и там есть песня "Bye Bye Beautiful" - весьма хороша."
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кусочек из инвью 2007-го года:

Why don’t you make a special show with an orchestra, seeing how the album has a lot of symphonic elements in it?
TUOMAS: We’ve all promised that this tour will end up in 2009, with three special shows with a live orchestra.

In the Hartwell Arena in Helsinki?
TUOMAS: In England, probably, because I’d like to use the same orchestra. We’d like to play in the Royal Albert Hall and do as best we can. I imagine we’d later release it on a DVD.

Холопайнен засланец, наобещал, не подумав и не забронировав всех и вся, а мы тут сиди, смотри ютуб Angry
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Йося_Смит, тогда 2009ый казался таким далеким... Вообще, наверное, хорошо, что ничего не вышло. Будет интересно послушать оркестр с песнями, написанными специально под Анетт Smile
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В свежем номере финского журнала Soundi есть статья про Найтов. Главные действующие лица Туомас и Анетт. Ждём сканов и текст.


З.Ы. обсуждать статью можно в теме Дневник Нового Альбома т.к. тематика сходная.
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картЫнка, как всегда, какая-то мизерная. Очевидцы пишут, что статья примерно на 8 страниц, ничего особенного нового, Туомас рассказывает о записи и подготовке примерно то же самое, что писалось в дневнике ЛЛН. Там есть еще инвью с ним и с Анетт и небольшой рассказ о прошлогоднем путешествии в Австралию.
что-то новенькое и эксклюзивное всирано должно всплыть, по крайней мере, там упоминается, что Анетт планирует издать сольник весной будущего года ^^
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Йося_Смит писал(а):
по крайней мере, там упоминается, что Анетт планирует издать сольник весной будущего года ^^

скрестим пальцы
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Йося_Смит писал(а):
Анетт планирует издать сольник весной будущего года ^^

Весной Анетт, осенью - Найты (October & April Very Happy )!!!!!
Вот это год нас ждет... Rolleyes#2
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А вот и сканы из свежей статьи Soundi! http://s1119.photobucket.com/albums/k632/afroditesarchive/Lehtijuttuja/Lehdet%201/ ух сколько фотографий классных Cheesy
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ShadowWolfSmith, спасибо-спасибо! Cheesy Очаровательные фотографии! О, что там интересно про Blackmore's Night?? Cheesy
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Блекморс Найт, а в тексте еще упомянается Леди Гага Rolleyes#2 Вообще интересно, действительно, к чему там блекморсы... Паралелль между Кэндис и Анетт? Кстати вполне прослеживается, и в типе вокала, и в образе... Честно говоря, люблю Блэкморс найт почти столько же, сколько и найтов, поэтому было бы классно, если бы в их музыке было бы больше общего Cool

у Ани шикарный прикид, для дачки самое оно Very Happy
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Шикарные сканы, большое спасибо! А фото, я так понимаю, из Саммер Кэмпа взяты?
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Перевод свежей статьи из Soundi http://forum.nightwish-world.com/index.php/topic/1422-article-in-soundi/page__p__136307#entry136307 благодарим Cursarion с официального форума)

Nightwish's new album is born in the peace of nature

A million copies sold Dark Passion Play received its final form in the village of Jäävi in the Tampere region. The guidelines of the next Nightwish album, to be released at earliest a year from now, were set in Kitee - and in Australia.

Tuomas Holopainen sits by a sparking camp fire. On a adjacent grilling underlay, a varied set of both meat and vegetables waits for its turn. At the same time, the Sun is sinking beneath the horizon and just a few meters away the darkening waters of Ätäsköjärvi bathe in dozens various colours of the Autumn for only a bit longer. The view is outsandingly beautiful - right now it's not weird at all that Nightwish decided to hold their 8-week summer camp right here in this North-Carelian landscape.

- At first the only concern I had was that I might leave the camp too often during the evening - after all, this place is close to my own home. The concern was disturbing, because the point of this summer camp was to separate us completely from the everyday life and concentrate for the next two months only on the next Nightwish album, says cheerful Tuomas and sneers:

- In the end, my concern was quite unnecessary. I've slept only one night at home during the past 8 weeks. So the concentration has succeeded pretty much perfectly. And that's good, because we're building quite an entity.

It's the second Saturday of September. We're about 20 kilometers from the centre of Kitee. The distance is roughly the same to Tuomas's home. The campsite is at Kiteen Karhu-Pojat ry owned camp center Röskö, which spreads around the camp filling three and a half hectares. There are 13 separate buildings. There's the main building with its kitchens and several habitations of varying size and quality, and small private cabins have housed the Nightwish musicians for the past weeks.

- The abundance of accommodation wasn't a problem. Since we have spent so much time here, we naturally needed to have enough space for example for the families of the band members.

Röskö has been built for the last 60 years mostly by local voluntary work, and the site has been the location of very various camps, among others. The Nightwish members from Kitee have experienced Röskö several times during earlier years.

- I went to the confirmation school here, as well as Jukka and Emppu. There's the camp church right on the Röskö mountain - and right by it there's a big fissure, which is, according to an old tale, mark of a lightning sent by the devil. So, there are various tones to this area, says Tuomas while beckoning towards a nearby hill.

- Yeah, we started thinking a while ago where to find a good camp site for training new album material. At some point I remembered Röskö. That it's a gorgeous place, and not far away either.

Tuomas had few doubts before going on a scouting trip.

- I wasn't sure fi the Karhu-Pojat dare or even want to rent such a wonderful place to a band. Or that if a heavy band fits in their image. In the Summer of 2009 I told them what I had in mind and they said yes immediately. On the other hand, this is very easy the Karhu-Pojat: they have a very reliable tenant for 8 weeks.

There were huge storms in the Eastern Finland in the late Summer, but Röskö was spared from the strongest winds.

- It was quite fierce here too. The storm raged about 10 kilometers from here, and it snapped a lot of trees there. It looked quite formidable in Simpele, too. It looked like a giant army would've stormed through the area.
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