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в продолжение темы шапок...

Sorrowind, нету((( Только Туомас.

ах...*картинно схватилась за сердце*
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Arhidrey, у Юкки одолжит))))

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Mirabilis, Arhidrey, TimeWalker, хорош флудеть!.. О шапках, епть...
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Alonso, а почему флуд?! Может мы серьезно собрались ему на буденовку скинуться?! Smile
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Arhidrey, пс! Пока Alonso не видит....

Я еще одну шапку нашла!
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Mirabilis, *шепчет* клёвая фота Smile
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Не знаю, были такие фото или нет (это скан из журнала), но мне очень понравилось Cheesy Вот: http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c170/sintancos/ScannedImage-3.jpg
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Hevein Фотомонтаж Laughing но забавно
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Hevein писал(а):
http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/839/pirates1copymf1.jpg - Laughing

о да)) кинодуэт года :grin:
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_Swanheart_, Пираты Карибского Моря - 4 ))) раз уж Блум и Найтли отказались участвовать в продолжении, позовем Холопайнена )
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Hevein, надо не забыть Анюту, Емппу, Юкку и Марко. Ведь Nightwish команда)))) А роли найдутся))))
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Arhidrey, точно ))) Новейший блокбастер от Голливуда: Pirates of the Caribbean - Journey Into The Night!!!!
и сайндтреком можно пустить Whoever Brings the Night Very Happy точнее, заглавным треком ) а весь сотальной саунд пущай Холопайнен пишет, мечту свою исполняет ))
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а че один рокер (кит ричардс) уже засветился, почему бы и не туомасу ?))
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Arhidrey писал(а):
Hevein, надо не забыть Анюту, Емппу, Юкку и Марко. Ведь Nightwish команда)))) А роли найдутся))))

Да любому из них подберём роли))) это будет хит сезона Laughing 3
А драки пиратов можно заснять под Last Of The Wild =)
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Сравнительно новое интервью из МеталлХаммера:

"Disposable Heroes
They fired their singer in the most public way imaginable, then called on the world to produce a replacement. Can Nightwish rekindle their fire?

Dateline - 25th September 2005
Nightwish are encoring at a sold-out Hammersmith Apollo in London. After almost an hour and a half of symphonic, gothic excellence, enhanced by lasers and various pyrotechnic displays, a night of triumph is sealed as two cannons billow confetti around the auditorium during 'Wish I Had An Angel'. Four longhaired male metalheads and a woman wearing a pure white dress smile and bow deeply, soaking up the applause; then depart.

Given that 'Once', the Finnish band's latest album, has already sold more than a million copies worldwide, and that the tour is in its closing stages, one might assume that a communal post-gig celebration will follow. But nothing of the sort is planned. For all the apparent solidarity of the stage, keyboard player, songwriter and bandleader Tuomas Holopainen hasn't spoken a word to lead vocalist Tarja Turunen in almost a year. Equally disturbing, relations between Turunen's manager and husband Marcelo Cabuli, and representatives of the four instrumentalists - Holopainen, guitarist Erno 'Emppu' Vuorinen, bassist Marco Hietala and drummer Jukka Nevalainen - have long since broken down irretrivably. With Cabuli accused of poisoning Turunen against her bandmates, overriding the group's interests for those of his client and demanding prohibitively exorbitant concert fees, plus Turunen's refusal to go there, impeding Nightwish's American progress, business is now being conducted by email wherever possible. None outside their inner circle knows it but Nightwish and Turunen are at war.

Of course, the band tries to keep a lid on things. When Hammer's sister title Classic Rock quizzes Holopainen about his relationship with Turunen, and whether Nightwish could continue without her, Tuomas blusters: "I get the impression Tarja's still as happy being in Nightwish as I am. At the moment I feel like we'll continue for another two decades."

But just six weeks later, following the 'Once' tour's finale at Helsinki's Hartwall Arena, Nightwish abrubtly terminate their frontwoman's nine-year tenure. An open letter ignites a media firestorm by accusing Turunen and Argentinean-born Cabuli of "greed, underestimating the fans and breaking promises".

Dateline - 23rd August 2007
Seated in the kitchen of Emppu Vuorinen's studio, 20 minutes drive from Helsinki's city centre, Tuomas Holopainen recalls how fragile the working relationship with Turunen had finally become. Icy discomfort had long since eroded even the most fundamental of courtesies.

"If we met during breakfast at the hotel we wouldn't even say 'hi' anymore," he sighs. "Tarja and Marcello sat at another table. That was quite nasty. We wouldn't see her until 15 minutes before the show - no soundchecks or anything - and afterwards she left right away."

The new-look Nightwish have already filmed two videos in Los Angeles, their instrumental players rehearsing for a world tour that recently began in Israel and runs until 2008's end. Later on today 36-year-old Anette Olzon will sing in a room with her new colleagues for only the third time ever, with Hammer looking on. But if Holopainen is nervous, he doesn't show it. The past two years have taught Nightwish plenty, including how to become masters of subterfuge, whether disguising the growing rift with Tarja, or covering their tracks in the recruitment of her successor.

"We had to tell a few white lies," rues Tuomas. "When Tarja said, 'Remember, I can leave this band with a day's notice', we took that threat very seriously. We had to get through the tour."

Nightwish attempted to hold crisis talks, but "each time we had to go through him [Marcelo Cabuli]; he even replied to her texts. Looking back, it's amazing that we managed to pull off the year of 2005," marvels Tuomas.

In her most recent interview with Hammer, before reports of alleged prima donna behaviour surfaced, Turunen had insisted: "I am not a diva!" And yet, that's exactly how the band's official book Once Upon A Nightwish paints her, right down to demanding to be presented with a lavish bouquet of flowers by the Mayor of Bucharest before a show in that same city.

"Tarja was very good at being a diva on the stage, that was her role," acknowledges Tuomas carefully. "But in your free time that's a very bad thing."

In the aftermath, Tarja even claimed that the band purposely tried to destroy her voice. "Yes," he nods slowly. "That and many other things as well." Equally ludicrous, comments made by Turunen in the book suggest ingratitude for what membership had brought her, almost as though staying with them had been some kind of personal favour.

"Tarja thought she was sacrificing herself for us, as if we'd be nothing without her," agrees Tuomas. "She forgot that she'd be nothing without us, too."

Despite all of the above, the keyboard player is keen to stress that the balme lies on both sides. "Nobody was innocent, it's a very Finnish thing to be unable to discuss your feelings," he notes sadly. Tuomas has tried to reach out to Tarja since the sacking, mailing her a Christmas card amd, more recently, sending a couple of texts - all ignored. Given the manner of her dismissal, plus the fact that Nightwish would make money from a live CD and DVD of what they knew to be her final show, it's perhaps not the greatest of surprises.

"I understand why people thought we were cruel," muses Tuomas of Tarja's now infamous 'open letter' dismissal. "But there were many, many reasons that I cannot go into here. We had six months to think of a plan; you'll just have to trust it was the right thing."

A relatively unknown Swede beat 2,000 applicants from 55 different countries to join Nightwish. 10 had made their shortlist, which Holopainen confirms featured names that Hammer readers will be aware of. Regrettably, he won't divulge them. Offering a resolute 'no comment' to each new bout of speculation, even as they were secretly recording with Olzon, the band had drived great amusement from the rumour mill.

"Every fortnight the media put forth a new candidate - Amy Lee [of Evanescence], Liv Kristine [Leave's Eyes], pretty much everyone - they ate their own credibility," laughs Tuomas. "It was like a public soap opera."

Annett Olzon brings Nightwish a whole range of new melodic possibilities. Reaction to their sixth album, 'Dark Passion Play' has been mostly complimenatary, Hammer awarding it 9 out of 10 last month, though some have mourned the loss of Turunen's more operatic approach. Tuomas points out that the addition of Olzon enables the band to extend their live set well past the 80-odd minutes that Turunen could manage.

"Tarja was the finest operatically trained singer on the planet, so to have picked someone else in that style would always have been second best," he reasons. "Anette and Tarja are different, but both have immense vocal power and an ability to share emotion. What we're doing's still metal, but the voice is a bit more approachable."

'Dark Passion Play' reflects its gestation period. Inspired by the combined pressure of Nightwish's uncertain future and splitting with his girlfriend, Holopainen writes of 'self-hatred and depression' in 13-minute opening track 'The Poet And The Pendulum', whilst both Tarja and Marcelo Cabulli inspire the songs 'Bye Bye Beautiful' and 'Master Passion Greed' respectively.

"A few people get whipped, but none more than me because I'm actually killed," he laughs. "The song 'Bye Bye Beautiful' is more about frustration than hate. 'You chose the long road but we'll be waiting' isn't saying that we'd like her to come back to the band, but it does mean that someday I'd like to sit down and buy her a cup of coffee, discuss what went wrong. Forgiveness is one of mankind's greates virtues."

Approximately 500,000 Euros [£338,500] were spent on the album, promotional videos for 'Amaranth' and 'Bye Bye Beautiful' costing 270,000 [almost £200,000] more - all from Nightwish's own pockets. Quite a few CDs must be moved before the band enters profit. But despite selling a million copieslast time around, consolidation rather than exceeding that total is their goal.

"I'm just hoping to get our money back and make anothr album," admits Holopainen. "But there was no point in compromises. We wanted Abbey Road Studios, the best musicians, a choir, gospel singers, Celtic instuments - everything. Almost anything can happen now - it could all come crashing down, we might remain on the same level, or take the next step upwards. I've no idea."

If 'Dark Passion Play's quality makes the notion of failure hard to credit, the rehersal that follows renders such thoughts impossible. Hearing Olzon's live interpretation of the last album's 'Nemo' back-to-back with newie 'Eva', the reasons for her recruitment are obvious. Replacing a singer is always dangerous, but Nightwish had no choice if they wanted a long-term future. the sensible money suggestt that two steps backwards must inevitably result in several giant leaps ahead. Watch this space."
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и Перевод с французского на английский интервью с Марко из Монреаля:

MU: Hi Marco, nice to meet you ! Welcome to Montreal !
Marco: Nice to meet you too !
MU: Are having a good trip so far ?
Marco: Yes, everything’s been great so far. We made good gigs with plenty of good people.

MU: Do you like Montreal ?
Marco: Let me think… I’ve been here only once before, but it was really great. Good gigs, cool people… went shopping and walking round, really enjoyed it.

MU: Maybe you don’t know, but the first Nightwish gig ever in America took place here in Montreal : it was during the Wishmaster tour.
Marco: Yeah, I’ve heard about it.
MU: Since that first time, you’ve conquered a lot of new fans. Tonight’s gig is sold, it’s kinda mad !
Marco: Yeah, I’m eager to get on stage !

MU: Ok, let’s start now. What can you tell me about Anette, the new singer ?
Marco: Well, Anette was one of the first to send a demo in fact. So she had to wait for more than a year since we had promised to listen to all the cds and demos during a year. We immediately saw that she was good, but we kept our promise to listen to every single of the 2000 songs we received. In the end, I suppose she was really happy when we called her to say : « Hey, get ready to have a lot of work ! » She is very nice, open-minded and straightforward. She seems to be quite a strong woman, and that’s kind of good : you have to be when dealing with a bunch of Finnish rednecks like us !

MU: What’s the main reason why you chose Anette ? Give me THE reason that made you say : « That’s her we need ! »
Marco: In the end, I think it’s simply her voice. We heard a lot of different singers but we were struck by her personality and the strength of her voice, and that was before even meeting her. That’s the main reason : strength is what you need in this business.

MU: Can you tell us about the recording of Dark Passion Play ?
Marco: The recording was smooth. We started rehearsals during summer 2006. The songs were already written, but we had no clue as to who was singing what. So we started with just the four guys. We rehearsed for six weeks and recorded demos with me singing, just to see if the melodic lines were working fine. Then we went back home for the rest of the summer, before entering the studio in september-october. There, we started to record some keyboard, drums, bass and guitar parts. After came the session in Abbey Road in London with the orchestra. The songs started to take shape, we were quite relaxed since it was not our first time in studio, so everything was ok.

MU: What are your favourite songs on the album ?
Marco: I like Sahara, Whoever Brings the Night, which is a song that many dislike but many other love, and The Islander is special to me since I wrote it.

MU: I’ve noticed a folk/celtic influence towards the end of Dark Passion Play. Is it a foretaste of what’s to come for Nightwish’s next album ?
Marco: No, I think it’s just a coincidence.

MU: Ok. I was rather surprised to see this style on the new album.
Marco: Well, as far as I am concerned, I have roots there. My father is an English teacher in Finland and has many celtic/folk cds, both Irish and Scottish, that I used to listen to when I was a kid. I’d like to have them, but he’s not ok ! *laughs* Later, I started to listen to Jethro Tull and others like this as well as the good old metal I was a fan of. So it was kind of natural for me to write a song like The Islander, all the moreso since I know Tuomas loves Irish music. It was just a question of common tastes and influences, it seems to right time to work on it !

MU: Now for a more intimate question. Is it true that the song Bye-Bye Beautiful is about Tarja?
Marco: Yes, I suppose it was Tuomas’ way of saying good-bye. In fact, when you actually read the lyrics, you realise the song is not as hard as it first seems. You mostly see regret, and this is the way I see certain things too. Everything was ok, we felt like the kings of the world, reaching always higher. We were so proud of ourselves, of each other’s talent. But the greatest mystery is how could it come to that… How could we let things rot past beyond the point of no return ?

MU: And there you are now on top of the charts with a new singer !
Marco: Yeah, that’s true ! But we were quite scared to lose fans without Tarja’s charismatic personality. But if we had endured a situation where her husband was acting contrarily to what the others wanted, we simply wouldn’t have survived. It had to stop. And now we are on top of the charts with the new album, the critics are good in majority and some gigs are already sold out.

MU: Yes, your album entered right in 24th position in Canada and that’s quite an achievement for a metal band, let me tell you !
Marco: I believe you, I don’t doubt for a single second, that’s just great. And that relieved us all immensely. We were like : « Guys, we made it ! We made it once again ! » *laughs* Finally we can live again after all this shit !

MU: Do you intend to make a DVD from this tour with Anette ?
Marco: Well, in fact I don’t know. End of Era was quite perfect to show what the band can give on stage, so I don’t know if we’ll make another one soon. But we talked of doing a show with an orchestra and a choir, so if we do it, we’ll make a DVD. We’d also like to record some other little things we could offer the fans.

MU: What are the latest news about the third video from Dark Passion Play ?
Marco: I can’t give you the song now since the video is undergoing heavy digital reworking and won’t be out before March or April 2008 due to long editing. But I can tell you the settings were quite impressive. We were in Lapland, or the Devil’s Field as farmers call it : there’s nothing but rock and hills. It’s not just a stony place, it’s real rock ! Quite a dangerous place to wander in, with twisted trees and lots of fog… the ideal place for us !

MU: So we can expect anything for this video ? It may be the biggest Nightwish video so far ?
Marco: Should be impressive from what I’ve seen. If it’s really up to our expectations, it will be incredible. But our best video so far is the one for Sleeping Sun 2005. I love this video with the sword-fighting and all !

MU: And now that you have such success with Nightwish, it is sex, drugs and rock’n roll ?
Marco: *laughs* Well, sex is pretty reserved to my wife ! *laughs* Rock’n roll of course, but no drugs, sorry !

MU: Well, alcohol is sometimes considered a drug…
Marco: Yeah, ok for alcohol then, a little bit too often ! *laughs* We sure like to have fun in the tourbus !

MU: Has anything special happened since the tour began ?
Marco: We played in Tel Aviv and that was in fact more relax than I had expected. The place was very calm. We met people from the Finnish embassy and they told we could go around town and in bars but we had better stay in the hotel at night : the streets are badly lit and it can be frightening and dangerous for strangers. We were mostly afraid of the very religious way the people there live their lives, but it was really peaceful. We were a bit scared but had fun !

MU: Thank you very much for your time Marco. Do you have a message for your fans in Quebec and Montreal ?
Marco: Yeah ! People of Montreal and Quebec ! Nightwish is back with a new album ! Everything is going well so far and we are impatient to play tonight because the people are wonderful. We’re also happy to see new faces in Quebec in May ! Thanks for your support, see you soon !!
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ShadowWolf писал(а):
удалось узнать у него,что Nightwish скорее всего приедут с концертами в Россию этой весной..

Жаль только, что остальные Найты об этом не знают:

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Dark, что ж, думаю, что они приедут летом, в августе, по старой доброй традиции.

в том, что обещанного приезда весной не получится, моно винить только наших организаторов, которые не смогли предоставить условия. либо не захотели.... сами виноваты. Если Американские ...как их там.... в общем, организаторы, все могути все делают, то к ним и едут... а наши ж....
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Жаль только, что остальные Найты об этом не знают:

О чём? О повторном туре? Думаю, новые даты появились из-за успешных концертов в США и Канаде. В апреле всё ещё есть свободные дни, а впереди целое лето.
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